CT Suite On-Prem

With all applications and data onsite you are in full control.

Benefits of an on-prem system

Having an on-prem system has some great benefits. 


With perpetual and concurrent licenses, the savings will add up on the usage side. You will still have an annual maintenance cost to ensure you have proper support and access to updates.


With all applications and data residing on your own IT infrastructure, you have complete control. This includes database size and storage. Nothing ever leaves your network.


If the business requires customer data to be stored on site as a matter of company policy, then on-prem is the way to go.



Operating Systems

Phone System (PBX)

Supported Browsers


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Straight forward process

Getting CT Suite deployed to your own IT infrastructure is straight forward with fixed services cost.

Step 1 - Design

First, let us know what business challenges you want to solve. How many users, what channels, and if this will be high availability.

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Step 2 - Build

Stand up the servers needed based on the joint design. Let us get to work with our installation and configuration.

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Step 3 - Deploy

We train your trainer or your end users. We make sure everything is ready and schedule a joint go live of CT Suite!

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With on-prem installations, we will work with your IT and Telecom team to get the environment ready. We will also work with the business on the application feature and design during this time.


Since all servers are running in your own IT infrastructure, you will install Windows, MS SQL and deploy our pre-built OVA's as needed to meet the design requirements. Our integrators will then remotely install CT Suite to your servers.


We will jointly create a go-live plan to include quality assurance testing, admin and end user training. Once all parties are satisfied, we will schedule the go-live and first day of business. In some instances, you may have on site support during this phase.