Avaya Integrated

CT Suite Softphone, ACD Agent and Multimedia Routing is compliance-tested by Avaya for compatibility with Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services. CT Suite Desktop POM Agent is compliance-tested with Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager.

Blended Routing

Route non-voice work items through Avaya skills-based routing.

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Complete Integration

CT Suite provides complete integration with Avaya Elite. It utilizes the Elite skills-based routing for the routing of non-voice work items such as email, chat, and text messaging. Use your Avaya based reporting platform to measure all customer engagements!



CT Suite initiates what's called a "phantom call" on behalf of the work item. The phantom call routes to the configured skill and delivers the work item to the skilled agent.


Because CT Suite routes all work items by way of Avaya Elite skills, the voice reporting platform will capture all statistics.

Peace of mind

Know that your CT Suite system is fully tested and certified against the Avaya platform. We spend considerable time ensuring that we have a solid integration!


Application Notes

For all application testing notes please see the Avaya DevConnect site.

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System Documents

Access all the information you need around system requirements to support CT Suite.

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Access end user guides and documentation to work on CT Suite.

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Technology Partner

CTIntegrations, LLC is the company behind CT Suite. CTIntegrations is made up of expert developers and integrators on the Avaya platform. CTIntegrations is also an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner and works closely with Avaya on testing and certifications to ensure supported compatibility.