INI Secure Payment Assistant™

Reduce Fraud Within the Contact Center

Many types of customer interactions require a payment to be processed during a live call and with agents working from home, their employer isn’t in complete control of the working environment. Conversations can be overheard from another room and written information left on a desk can be easily viewed by someone else. All of these things can make customers uneasy about giving an agent their card number over the phone. Now there is an option to keep the workflow process the same, adding automation to handle the credit card payment processing.

SPA Connector

INI SecurePaymentAssistant™ is an application for Avaya contact centers which enables organizations to securely process payments from callers without agent intervention. 

Developed in close partnership

How it Works

SecurePaymentAssistant™ protects sensitive financial data by placing the agent on hold while the caller interacts with the payment application.

Integrated desktop controls allow agents to launch the automated payment application, connect the caller, and receive real-time status updates as to the caller’s progress in the INI SecurePaymentAssistant interface.

When finished, callers can be reconnected to the same agent, transferred elsewhere or disconnected based on the preferred configuration. 


SecurePaymentAssistant offers organizations the security they need with the convenience callers want 

Touchtone and speech-enabled caller interface

Payments with stored or new credit cards

Seamless integration with CT Suite web client agent interface

Real-time caller progress
updates to agent

Post-payment handling to transfer or end the call

Web Services API to backend payment processing services

Easy-to-use web
administration interface

Transactional reporting on a
per-call basis

SecurePaymentAssistant in action


  • Eliminates credit card exposure to agents
  • Increases contact center security 
  • Implements best practices to help mitigate risk
  • Increases customer satisfaction and confidence
  • Provides caller’s payment progress visibility to agents
  • Offers flexible configuration options
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