Built around the agent

Designed and built to help drive excellent customer care. 

Introducing the new CT Suite "Flex" UI

  Available with CT Suite v3.3

The new Flex user interface allows for moving widgets around, splitting widgets out of the main window and an overall streamlined user experience!

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CT Suite is the all-inclusive system to make your contact center communications flow seamlessly and save time. It’s strategically designed with a unique, “bottom-up” architecture to share and sync data in one overarching environment that grows as your company grows


Full softphone and agent integration to Avaya, including telecommuter mode for remote workers.


Route customer emails to the right resource with the appropriate priority by using blended and advanced routing features.

Web Chat

Engage with your website customer for successful outcomes, all while routing using blended routing.


Connect to your preferred SMS provider and start routing text messages into your contact center. Take advantage of routing rules and bot interactions.


Manage your outbound contacts, though
CT Suite Call List or our POM Agent interface for Avaya. 


Use one of the pre-built connectors to integrate with your CRM software or write custom integrations using the CT Suite API.


View all aspects of your customer interactions across media types (voice, email, chat...) Drill into cradle-to-grave data for the whole picture.

Customer Journey (NEW)

Track your customer interactions accross media types view more.

Self Service Bot

Allow your customers access information, book appointments and more, without utilizing an agent. If needed live agent participation can be initiated from a
bot interaction.


CT Suite desktop provides what is known as Third Party Call Control over the Avaya Application Enablement Server (AES). It allows the user to fully control their phone extension using just the keyboard and mouse. For remote workers, telecommuter mode allows the user to register their home phone or another phone as the audio path.


Convert those group email boxes into a truly blended queue where you handle your customer requests with routing to ensure proper priority and accurate agent or team assignment. Implement the Secure Messaging channel to handle secure customer communications.  

Web Chat

Our built-in Web Chat channel allows for easy deployments and customizations to fit your needs. CT Suite Web Chat utilizes Open Queue for blended ACD routing, providing your agents with the most efficient capability to meet your customer needs.


Expand your chat channel to handle SMS messages but connecting CT Suite to the SMS vendor of choice. We made it easy for you to get started however with our click deployment of Twilio SMS Integration.


Ensure those callbacks and scheduled outbound calls are taking place by using our built-in Call List Channel, or the Advanced Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) Connector

Spelling and Grammar Checking

Making sure your spelling and grammar is correct can be critical to how your business is perceived.

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Customer Journey

Knowing what your customer experience is will help you guide them to successul outcomes!

Customer details

View customer details mined from multiple data sources.

  • Contact details
  • How happy are they
  • What was their last survey score
  • Agent can tag customer with additional information

The CT Suite Analytics database stores information collected as part of interactions and agent tagging. Merge this with your CRM data to build an even bigger picture!

Interaction details

Zoom in on a particular interaction and view the details.

  • Last contact time
  • Who did they interact with
  • How was it dispositioned
  • Detailed interaction info

Transaction details

View interactions by CRM transaction.

  • How did this transaction progress
  • Who did the last interact with about this transaction
  • How was it dispositioned

Self Service BOT

Help your customers get answers with chat bot integration. Hand off conversation to contact center agent when needed, maintain the conversation thread.